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About Us

Strata and Commercial Cleaning Services - Vancouver BC

Vancouver's Trusted Cleaning Experts

With over 25 years of dedicated service and a team of over 100 passionate professionals, we have become synonymous with excellence in the cleaning industry.

At KP Cleaning, we specialize in strata cleaning and building maintenance. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including janitorial solutions, pressure washing, window cleaning, and more. Our commitment to creating healthier and vibrant spaces aligns seamlessly with the unique needs of strata buildings.

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Our Team

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Adam Karim, CPA

Adam is a seasoned entrepreneur and CPA with experience in finance, operations and customer service bringing professionalism to service businesses in the Lower Mainland.

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Farouk Esmail, CFA

Farouk is an entrepreneur that is focused on building brands and developing relationships to make our companies household names in the Lower Mainland.


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Mohammed is a dedicated professional with a decorated resume in the janitorial industry. He is an expert at creating processes and controls to ensure operational efficiency.

Our Values

Our values encapsulate the essence of what we stand for.

Quality Excellence

Upholding the highest standards in service, KP Cleaning is synonymous with quality, ensuring every cleaning task reflects excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

Strata Focus

Tailoring our approach, we prioritize the unique needs of strata buildings and council members, offering specialized solutions that go beyond standard cleaning services.


Our commitment extends to being agile and prompt in addressing client needs, fostering dynamic partnerships through swift communication and action.


Transparency is at the heart of our interactions. KP Cleaning values honesty, ensuring open communication and building trust with our clients.

Our Story

Where Cleanliness Meets Entrepreneurial Spirit

Adam and Farouk's friendship, rooted in childhood adventures, evolved into a dynamic business partnership. Navigating university together, they pursued their passions—Adam in finance and economics, earning his CPA at BDO Canada, and Farouk as a CFA, becoming an investment advisor at Odlum Brown.

Their entrepreneurial journey began with the acquisition of KP Cleaning in 2018. Expanding further, they added Precise Building Maintenance in 2019. The strategic purchase of Regent Security Services in 2021 enhanced their service portfolio and leveraged their expansive network.

Known for exceptional customer service, rapid response times, and a vibrant internal culture, Adam and Farouk bring youth, efficiency, and a personal touch to the industry, establishing their companies as the premier choices in commercial cleaning and security throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

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Through our commitment to giving back, we aim to make a positive impact on the well-being of our community and beyond.

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