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Strata and Commercial Cleaning Services - Vancouver BC

Enhanced Strata Living Solutions

  • Common Area Cleaning:
  • Efficient Daily Administration
  • Waste Management
  • Emergency Cleanup Services
  • Onsite Caretake
  • Organized Cheque Handling Services
  • Vandalism Control

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Beyond Conventional Cleaning

Entrust the day-to-day administration and maintenance of your property to KP Cleaning's professional Caretaking services. We go beyond conventional cleaning, managing tasks such as FOB access, move-in and move-out coordination, and bylaw infractions. With our caretaking services, your property benefits from seamless operations and efficient handling of administrative responsibilities.

In Detail

Daily Administration Support

Assistance with day-to-day tasks, including FOB management, trades access and move-in/out processes.

Bylaw Infractions Management

Efficient handling and resolution of bylaw infractions to maintain a harmonious environment.

Janitorial and Cleaning Expertise

Inclusive janitorial services to maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the building.

Collaboration with Property Management

Seamless coordination with property management companies for streamlined operations.

Cheque Collection Services

Collection and handling of cheques, providing a convenient financial management solution.

Security Issue Oversight

Management of security issues and vandalism, ensuring a secure and protected property.
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Fortify Your Property with Confidence

For a comprehensive approach to property management, delve into our partner Regent Security's building security services. Together, we cover all aspects of property care, ensuring cleanliness and security for your strata property.


Other Services

Take a look at all the services KP Cleaning provides

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Strata Cleaning

Our dedicated team ensures a spotless and welcoming environment, emphasizing attention to detail and a commitment to exceeding cleanliness standards. We tailor our services to suit the unique needs of strata communities.
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Building Maintenance

Our building maintenance services are designed to uphold the integrity and functionality of properties. The team ensures that buildings are well-maintained, promoting a comfortable environment.
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Additional Services

KP Cleaning goes above and beyond traditional cleaning services with our additional services. From specialized cleaning to unique requests, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet diverse needs.