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Strata and Commercial Cleaning Services - Vancouver BC


Your Clean Haven Starts Here

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Step into a world of spotless spaces with KP Cleaning.

We understand the heartbeat of your strata community, offering personalized cleaning solutions that go beyond the surface. It's not just about cleanliness; it's about creating a haven that resonates with care and consideration.

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Our Services

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Whether you're seeking strata cleaning, janitorial services, pressure washing, window washing, or office cleaning, our array of services is tailored to elevate the cleanliness of your space.


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Specialized cleaning services for strata buildings, catering to the unique requirements of communal spaces, hallways, and common areas.


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Elevate the daily administration of your property with our dedicated caretaking services, managing day-to-day tasks with precision.


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Meticulous approach tailored to the specific needs of your property. We will ensure your strata operations are well maintained and run efficiently while upholding an inviting environment.


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Beyond standard cleaning, explore our additional services tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your cleaning requirements.

Responsive 24/7 Availability

Around-the-clock availability to address your cleaning needs promptly and efficiently, ensuring a clean and inviting space whenever you need it.

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Why choose us?


Discover the depth of knowledge and proficiency that comes with over 25 years of industry experience. At KP Cleaning, our legacy is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in every cleaning task.


Experience cleaning solutions tailored to your unique needs. KP Cleaning goes beyond one-size-fits-all approaches, providing personalized services that bring a touch of precision to every corner of your space.


Choose a cleaner and greener future with KP Cleaning's eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of biodegradable and EcoLogo-certified products, ensuring a harmonious balance between cleanliness and environmental responsibility.


Enjoy the convenience of around-the-clock availability. KP Cleaning's 24/7 responsiveness ensures that you have a reliable partner for all your cleaning needs, providing consistent and efficient solutions whenever you need them.

KP Cleaning is trusted by satisfied customers.

The Owners of Norfolk House are extremely satisfied with the high quality of janitorial services that are provided by the janitorial team assigned to our building by KP Cleaning Services. They are always attentive to ensuring that the building is thoroughly cleaned on each visit to our building. It is a pleasure to work with everyone at KP Cleaning Services.

Gary Y
Council President, LMS 2865 (Norfolk House)

I would like to express my appreciation to the new owners of KP Cleaning, Adam and Farouk, and their management of the company. It is a pleasure to work with both Adam and Farouk. They care about the clients they serve, address issues without delay, and ensure immediate corrective action is taken. It is clear that they have a firm understanding and appreciation of the role a Strata Council plays and that a joint effort with our contractors is necessary in accomplishing goals, and that cooperation is an essential skill that leads to overall success.

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L. Kroes
Strata Council, LMS 1068 (The Nottingham)

I have been working with KP Cleaning for several years now. KP Cleaning owners and employees have always been polite, professional and are going over and beyond their duties on a regular basis to ensure their clients’ satisfaction. One can always count on their management skills to improve any given situation and my interaction with KP Cleaning personnel has always been a positive one. They are always very responsive, and all requests have always been attended in a timely manner. KP Cleaning has my highest recommendation for cleaning services.

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L. Naita
Property Manager, Associa

I would highly recommend using KP Cleaning for your janitorial service needs. Their staff are very friendly, responsible and always go above and beyond their duties to make sure all residents are satisfied. They have great attention to detail and I have never received a complaint about their quality of work. It's also a pleasure working with management who are always on top of things and are frequently conducting quality control checks to make sure everything is up to standard. If ever there are small deficiencies they are rectified right away. I can't stress enough how great of a company they are to work with.

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A. Tamazlicaru
Head Concierge, BCS3053 (The Ritz)

We have been using KP Cleaning Services in our Yaletown condominium for the last 3 years. Our on-site custodian team is very diligent and professional; keeping the premises and grounds tidy and cared for. The manager, Farouk, has been extremely responsive to ensure all aspects of the contract are maintained with willingness to make adjustments and follow-up as necessary.

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Raymond S
Building Manager, BCS1570 (Aqua in the Park)

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